What are the Benefits of Landscape Stone?


Your landscape has a major impact on the aesthetic appeal and value of your home. Decorating your landscape will not only improve your curb appeal but will also be your first step towards creating a serene, calming, and relaxing backyard. To make your landscape stand out, incorporate stonework into it. There are hundreds of natural or pre-cast stone types to choose from. Finding a landscaping stone supplier near you dealing in stones that fit your landscape design needs shouldn’t be a difficult task. Stone offers endless possibilities to add beauty and warmth to your outdoor spaces. You can utilize stones to create a patio, entryway, or a garden pathway. Here are some benefits of using stone in your landscape design.

Low Maintenance

A substantial benefit of landscape stones is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Unlike wood, stones do not have to be regularly treated, finished, or sanded. You also do not have to mow, water fertilize, or prune stones like shrubs or plants. Unlike mulch, stones do not have to be replaced or refreshed at regular intervals. In a nutshell, using stones would mean that you will spend more time enjoying your landscape and less time maintaining it.

Better Draining and Decreased Erosion

Excess water in your yard is a recipe for disaster. Water puddles in your backyard could be breeding ground for mosquitoes and harmful (disease-causing) bacteria and viruses. Excess water can drown your plants and make pathways slippery increasing risk of slips, falls, and trips. Stone can help mitigate the problem. To prevent your yard from turning into a mess, place a layer of small stones and gravel in wet spots. If you are concerned about missing out on greenery, plant in your stone beds. To address a runoff problem, use stone to create a natural waterway that redirects water away from your home’s foundation or yard. Stone can also be used to prevent mudslides and stabilize plants.

Protects Plants

In summer, stone absorbs excess heat before it reaches the roots of plants. This maintains the soil temperature, which is essential for reducing the evaporation rate. When plants lose less water, they are more likely to survive hot spells. During winter, stones insulate plants by keeping the cold away from their roots.

Can Be Used to Create a Focal Point

Is your yard missing a focal point that draws everyone’s attention? If yes, you can use stone to create a point of visual interest. You can also use stone to hide not-so-appealing aspects of your yard. You can either create an all-stone garden by combining small stones with gravel or use a large boulder to direct focus and attention.

Stone is truly awesome. It can be used in more ways than one to enhance outdoor environments. Need stones for your landscaping project? Bayshore Materials Inc. is your one-stop shop for landscaping supplies. From custom stamped concrete to decorative barks, youname it, we have got it. For business enquiries, call us at (707) 644-0859.