Benefits of Concrete Parking Lots

A parking lot can be a valuable asset to your building. Everything from designing and constructing your parking lot to maintaining it is your responsibility. To ensure your parking lot is safe for your building residents, look for a building material that has stood the test of time. Whether you are getting a new parking lot constructed or are planning to get an existing one upgraded, concrete deserves your attention. Concrete is easily available. Finding a building material store near you that sells concrete should not be a problem. Here are some benefits that concrete offers.


Concrete usually costs less than many other popular building materials. Though asphalt initially costs less than concrete, it needs regular maintenance (resurfacing, sealing, and re-striping). Concrete, on the other hand, is low maintenance. All you will have to do to maintain your parking lot is perform joint sealing occasionally. Thanks to the low overall cost of maintaining concrete, it ends up being a more cost-effective option. Because your concrete parking lot will not need frequent (and more importantly extensive) maintenance, you can keep it open year-round.


If you want to reduce your carbon footprints, concrete can be an ideal construction material for you. Concrete is produced from natural resources. Sustainable concrete products can even help replenish groundwater. Because concrete tends to remain much cooler in summer(thanks to its light color, concrete absorbs less sunlight) than asphalt, a concrete parking lot can help deter a heat island effect between buildings.

Superior Durability

Concrete is famed for its superior durability. It lasts longer than asphalt. Concrete can withstand the weight of multiple vehicles, which makes it an ideal choice for parking lots.

Better Lighting

As the building owner, you are responsible for ensuring the safe use of your parking lot. Poor lighting in your parking lot can be a major concern. You can install more lights in your parking lot; however, it will cost you good money. Concrete can help you cut on lighting costs. The building material is famed for its ability to reflect light (its reflectivity is three times more than asphalt).Opting for a concrete parking lot would mean you would need less lighting overall.


Concrete has a much cleaner appearance than asphalt. Adding colors, textures, or patterns to your concrete can boost its curb appeal. Enhanced curb appeal of your parking lot can be a ticket to demanding higher rent.

There are more benefits of using concrete than you could imagine. No wonder it is the single most widely used material in the world. Looking for a reliable supplier of concrete? Look no further than Bayshore Materials Inc., a leading landscaping masonry and concrete supply center. Our experts will help you choose the right concrete grade for your project. To consult our building materials expert, call at (707) 644-0859.