Five Essential Building Materials for Long-lasting Buildings


When planning a building project, one of the first things to decide is the type of building materials to use. Your choice of building materials will have a major impact on the durability of your building. When picking a building material, you will be spoilt for choice. Buildings and building infrastructures have come along way. Earlier, businesses and families had few options when it came to choosing a building material. Thanks to advances in construction technology, this has changed over the years. When you are in the market looking for a building material, you need to continuously remind yourself that not all building materials are created equal. To get value for money, look for a material that offers superior protection against the elements, and is famed for its durability. Here are some options to consider.


Brick is one of the most popular building materials. Bricks have been used in building construction since time immemorial. It is not difficult to figure out why. Brick offers superior durability. Buildings made of brick retain their value over time. Some of the most iconic structures around the world including the Pantheon, The Taj Mahal, and The Great Wall of China are made of bricks. Brick is easily available. Irrespective of your location, you will find a building materials store near you that sells bricks used in building construction. Brick is energy efficient, low maintenance, and sustainable.


Earlier, steel was usually used in industrial and commercial architecture. Thanks to the several benefits it offers, the building material is now extensively used in residential construction. Famed for its superior durability, steel can last for up to 75 years (and more) with proper care and protection. Galvanized steel is easy to maintain. Steel is cost effective, sustainable, and modifiable.


Concrete is made by creating a mixture of sand, stone, binders, and cement. This construction material is famed for its ability to hold up well over time. A major advantage of concrete is that it can be molded into different shapes and then hardened for superior durability. Concrete pavers not only look good, but also absorb and retain heat. Concrete does not burn or rust, is 100 percent recyclable, and has low maintenance cost.


Stones as building materials offer a range of benefits. Stone is easily available, is fireproof, and offers protection against rot and vermin. Stone, unlike many other traditional building materials, does not require regular maintenance. Natural stones age gracefully, and have low environmental impact.

Cement Composites

Cement composites are made of hydrated cement paste. Before using cement composite for binding wood, you must ensure that the composite offers superior wood-cement compatibility.

These are some of the most popular building materials used around the world. Whatever your preferred building material, all roads lead to Bayshore Materials Inc. We deal in almost all major types of building materials and plumbing supplies. We are committed to helping our community members make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right building material. To talk to our expert for gaining more insight into construction materials, call us at 707-644-0859.