Top 5 Concrete Finishing Tools

There are several benefits of concrete finishing. A concrete finish reduces wear & tear, provides a uniform surface, and prevents chipping. Finishing a concrete surface requires patience and dexterity. No matter how complex or simple your project, you will need concrete finishing tools in Vallejo to get your desired finish.

We have compiled a list of concrete finishing tools used widely in residential and commercial projects to give concrete a smooth and clean finish.

Power Screeds

During the pouring process, a power screed is used to smooth concrete and pull the extra concrete off the back. Depending on the size of the average pour, a wooden screed board or a power screed may need to be used.

Many contractors prefer vibratory screeds over other types as they are designed to help avoid back pain, save time, and deliver great results.

If your slab is too narrow for a power screed, it makes sense to use a wooden screed. When using a wooden screed, remember to go over the surface after pulling the extra concrete back.

Bull Floats

Bull floats have extra wide blades that are fixed on long handles. They are used to fill voids, smooth surfaces for troweling, and level ridges. Remember to perform the process immediately after screeding, right before moisture starts to form.

Power Trowels

A power trowel is used to apply the finish onto a larger concrete slab. The pitch of the blade of a power trowel can be adjusted to achieve the desired finish. Depending on the size of the average pour, your contractor may use anywhere between two and five trowels. There are two types of power trowels: ride-on and walk-behind.

As the name suggests, a ride-on power trowel has a seat for the operator, whereas a walk-behind power trowel does not have a seat and the operator walks behind it.

Concrete Finishing Brooms  

A concrete finishing broom is used to create a slip-resistant surface. Using a concrete finishing broom to create a smooth, skid-resistant surface is a traditional concrete finishing technique.

Whether you have your heart set on a decorative finish or an artistic pattern, your contractor will come up with a plan to achieve the desired look. An experienced contractor uses different methods such as skillfully changing directions to achieve a distinctive look.

Concrete Edgers

A concrete edger is used to create precise edges. It is used when the concrete starts losing moisture and (as a result) begins to stiffen up. The L-shaped edge of a concrete edger is designed to help separate the concrete from the board. If you want to achieve the distinct look of slant edges, use a slant edger, instead of a sharp one.

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