5 Amazing Benefits of Concrete Sealing


A concrete sealer should be a top priority finishing tool for your concrete project. Sealing concrete is a great way to add years to its useful life to your concrete projects. Sealers create a chemical barrier around concrete, which protects it from the elements to help maintain appearance for longer.

There are many benefits to sealing concrete besides its aesthetic appeal, read on to learn some on our most compelling reasons why a sealer is the most important finishing tool for your next concrete project.

Repels Moisture

Though concrete is a long-lasting building material, it can get damaged from the inside if exposed to moisture. Moisture creates the perfect environment for mold and moss growth. Both mold and moss can cause concrete to deteriorate prematurely. Sealing concrete helps keep moisture out and prevents mold and moss.

Prevents Cracks

Age-related deterioration can cause holes to develop in concrete driveways. Unaddressed holes can widen and turn into cracks. A high-quality sealant seals every hole in your concrete and can save you money on concrete repair and headaches down the road.

Prevents Colors From Fading

Want to give your driveway a makeover? Seal it with a driveway concrete sealer. A high-quality driveway concrete sealer enhances the appearance of the driveway by making it look shiny. Sealing also keeps the color from fading.

Resists Stains

Concrete sealing can prevent unsightly stains on your patio, garage, driveway, and pool deck. All you need to do to get rid of grease and other stains on a sealed surface is to wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Adds Years to the Service Life of Concrete

Sealed concrete structures and surfaces last longer than those that are not sealed. How long? Sealing your concrete can add up to 10 years or more to its useful life. Sealing concrete prevents problems and can save you money on repair and maintenance.

Think sealing is costly? Think again! Outdoor concrete structures and surfaces take a lot of punishment every day. If you do not seal them, they can deteriorate prematurely and you may have to reconstruct them, which is way costlier than concrete sealing.

Some Common Concrete Sealing Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important things that affects the performance and useful life of a sealer is how it was applied. When sealing concrete, watch out for these common mistakes that can negatively affect the appearance and performance of your concrete and cut short its useful life.

  • Not cleaning the surface thoroughly
  • Using the wrong sealer
  • Failing to prepare the concrete properly
  • Applying the coat too thick. Thick sealant layers take longer to dry and cure and are more prone to failing
  • Applying sealer unevenly

Amateurs are highly likely to make these concrete sealing mistakes. Instead of taking the DIY route to concrete sealing, hire a professional with the skills required to ensure flawless application.

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