Landscape Designing: How Much Rock Do I Need?


Rock is one of the most widely used materials in landscape projects. It is virtually maintenance free and can save you the headache and money in maintenance down the road. Rock enhances aesthetic appeal, doesn’t attract pests, and improves drainage.

How much rock do I need for my project? This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask their landscape designers. Here is a rough idea of how to measure the amount of rock you will need for your next landscaping project.


Creating a driveway requires a large amount of rock. The specific amount required will depend on several factors such as size and shape of the proposed driveway.

Fortunately, gravel is an affordable building material. Even if you plan to build a large driveway, it won’t bust your budget.

When ordering landscape rock delivery near Vallejo, the crew will need to know the square footage of the driveway to calculate the amount of rock you will need. Before ordering your rock, measure the length and depth of your desired driveway.


Depending on how wide and long your proposed pathway is, it may require more rock to be ordered. Some landscape designers use only ⅜ Bluestone or Pea Gravel for their pathways, others use a mix of small and large stones to provide the outline for the structure.

To determine exactly how much rock you need for your pathway, measure the length, depth, and width of the path.


Before creating bedding for a construction site or an equestrian space, decide the right type of rock for the project. Some popular landscaping materials used in bedding include sand, rock, and recycled concrete stone. The amount of rock you will need will depend on the length and depth of the proposed bedding.

We recommend placing your rock order well in advanced to ensures that your landscape rock will be delivered to your worksite near Vallejo in time for the project’s start date.

Erosion Control

The amount of rock required for erosion control will vary depending on the designer’s vision, size of the land, and erosion’s terrain. Landscape designers usually use larger stones to hold down the land. When determining the amount of rock required for erosion control, consider the total area to be covered and the effect you want the rocks to have.

Flower Beds

Rocks are usually used in flower beds for aesthetic purposes. They are also used for moisture and heat control. The amount and type of rock required will vary depending on project specifics.

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