How to Spread Topsoil Over a Lawn?


Adding a layer of topsoil to your lawn is a great way to improve it. Topsoil can help create the best environment for your pants. It addresses a number of problems including compacted soil, lack of nutrients, slope issues and bare spots. Top soil improves drainage and drought-resistance and can transform an ordinary lawn into a healthy, low-maintenance turf.

There are many landscaping materials that can be used for topsoil. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the right topsoil. The wrong topsoil for your yard can do more harm than good. It can clog your garden, negatively affecting its health. Your topsoil should not have too much sand as it offers fewer nutrients than other options.

If you are unable to go to a garden nursery, consider having your topsoil delivered near you in Vallejo. Experts can assist you in picking the right topsoil for your lawn type. Once you have the correct topsoil for your project, follow these steps to spread topsoil over your lawn.

Aerate Your Garden

If your lawn’s soil is too compact, adding topsoil to it won’t do any good. To ensure your plants get the nutrients they require to grow, aerate your lawn. Aeration assists the growth of a healthy lawn by perforating the soil and allowing air, water, and nutrients to easier access the root of your lawn. Before aerating your lawn, prepare it by watering it thoroughly.

Mix Your Topsoil

If you aren’t using premixed topsoil or if you want to add something to improve soil properties (such as loam for a thicker texture), mix it before application.

Apply Your Topsoil

When applying your topsoil, it is important to strategize where and what is being covered. When getting your topsoil delivered to your home near Vallejo, have a planned spot for the delivery team to leave the topsoil for easy and effective access when it is time to apply to your yard.

Sprinkle the topsoil over the prepared area. If you want to add more topsoil to an area, remove sod first and then sprinkle as much topsoil as you need. For the areas where you want to keep a thin layer of topsoil, rake to disperse it evenly.

Do not leave any solid lumps as they may kill the grass beneath them. As you rake, you may realize that you need to add more topsoil to fill the holes created during aeration.

Add Grass Seeds and Water Your Lawn

You might need to add some grass seeds to the areas from which sod is removed to hide unsightly patches. The seeds should be the same species of the grass residing on your lawn. When choosing seeds, make sure they can survive and thrive in the local climate.

After adding grass seeds, water your lawn.  Watering your lawn is necessary even if you do not add seeds, as it will help the soil stay in its place and help seeds sprout.

Bayshore Materials is a leading landscape and concrete supply center in Vallejo that offers the sale and delivery of topsoil near the area. Whether you are building a new garden from scratch or want to give an existing lawn a makeover, we have the right materials for your project. To discuss your requirements with our team, call (707) 644-0859.