Why Ready-mix Concrete is Good for Construction


Ready-mix concrete, or RMC, is a mixture of cement, sand, aggregates, and water. It is manufactured at a cement factory or a batched plant according to the specifications provided by the contractor and then delivered to the job site in a plastic or hardened state.

Types of Ready-mix Concrete

There are three main types of ready-mix concrete: transit-mixed concrete, shrink-mixed concrete, and central-mixed concrete. Transit-mixed concrete, also known as truck-mixed concrete, is produced by first batching materials at a batching plant and then mixing them in the truck during transit.

Shrink-mixed concrete is partially mixed at a batching plant. This reduces the weight of the mixture. The remaining mixing occurs in the truck during transit or at the construction site.

Central-mixed concrete is batched and completely mixed in a mixer at central batching plants, also known as wet batch plants and pre-mix plants. Once the mixing process is complete, the central-mixed concrete is transported to the client’s construction site.

Here are some notable benefits of ready-mix concrete near you.

Easier to Produce and Use

Preparing concrete on the job site can be a demanding task. Contractors who choose to prepare concrete on their construction site spend hours managing, storing, and organizing cement bags, sand, gravel, and other materials. The burden of too many responsibilities can overwhelm contractors and their crew. As a result, the construction pace may slow down. Also, contractors need an uninterrupted supply of clean water to produce concrete on construction sites.

Because ready-mix concrete (RMC) is mixed at a batching plant, contractors do not have to deal with the mess that is created when concrete is produced on-site. RMC suppliers use state-of-the-art equipment to produce ready-mix concrete in a controlled environment and then transport it to the construction site using in-transit mixers or barrel trucks.

Reduced Construction Cost and Time

Ready-mix concrete is mixed at a plant and then delivered to the client’s construction site, which means no waiting for concrete to be mixed on-site. Because the concrete is mixed according to the client’s specifications, there is little to no wastage of materials. Ready-mix concrete does not need to be stored on-site, so storage costs are eliminated.


The ingredients of ready-mix concrete are readily available and sourcing them has a lesser impact on the environment than the ingredients of many other building materials. Also, ready-mix concrete is produced using state-of-the-art technology that minimizes the amount of dust produced during production.


It is almost impossible to achieve the desired consistency with manual techniques, including hand mixing. Ready-mix concrete is produced using machines that can be programmed to mix concrete in the exact ratio specified by the client. As a result, the product usually meets or exceeds client expectations.

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