5 Essential Tools Every Concrete Contractor Should Have


If you’re a concrete contractor in Vallejo, then having the right tools for the job is essential! Whether you need something to mix and pour your concrete, or a tool to help cut it when needed, having the proper equipment can make all the difference between a successful project and one that has costly mistakes.

This article will cover five essential tools every concrete contractor should have in their arsenal of supplies. We’ll also provide some helpful tips for finding a concrete tool supply near you in Vallejo to make sure you can get the tools you need when you need them. So let’s dive into our top five essential tools and how each one can help your project go smoothly!


Screeds are long, stiff boards used to smooth and level wet concrete. They are available in different shapes. If you want to screed by hand, make sure the screed you are using is longer than the width of the concrete form so it can easily ride along the top edges of the form. For smaller jobs dimensional lumber can be used as a screed. Commercial screeds are aluminum boards. Many commercial screeds come equipped with leveling vials.

Portable Mixer 

A portable concrete mixer can be used to mix small amounts of concrete at the worksite. Portable concrete mixers are available in a variety of sizes. Smaller units can fit in the back of pickup trucks, whereas larger units can be towed to worksites.

A portable mixer can be an expensive investment. Alternatively, you can also hire a portable mixer for your jobs. At Bayshore Materials we offer concrete services such as concrete ready-mix, a mixing trailer, and concrete tub trailers for hire.


Wheelbarrows are used to move small amounts of concrete or carry tools around worksites. They also come in handy when you want to move concrete samples to a particular area in your worksite to perform a concrete slump test. Look for heavy-duty wheelbarrows with sturdy pneumatic tires that won’t buckle under the weight of concrete or concrete tools.

Personal Protective Equipment 

Every contractor should keep safety top of mind. Wear gloves, boots, protective glasses, a hard hat, hearing aids, and a protective mask or respirator when working with concrete.

While gloves, boots, and protective glasses protect your skin from any potential harm caused by chemicals, cement and admixtures, hearing aids can protect your ears from damage caused due to loud noise produced by construction equipment. A protective mask can help lower the chances of harmful chemicals entering your respiratory system, and a hard hat can protect your head from flying objects.

Vapor Barriers

Vapor barriers, also known as vapor retarders, are used to retain moisture in concrete surfaces. Moisture retention equates to improved structural integrity of the concrete. It is a common practice to place vapor barriers below the concrete before it is poured. This is done to prevent surface water from mixing with the concrete.

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