Why is Concrete Such a Popular Construction Material?

Construction is one of the most ancient human activities. Man has been constructing buildings for centuries. Over the years, construction technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. From smart glass to tulipwood, we have several cutting-edge building materials today.

While many building materials have fallen out of favor over the years, concrete is still extensively used in residential and commercial applications around the world. Concrete is easily available. You should not face any problem locating a building materials store near you that sells concrete.

Let us take a look at some reasons why construction companies around the world build with concrete.

Superior Strength

Concrete is famed for its high strength. The degree of its strength can be increased or decreased by altering the water, cement, and aggregate ratio. Unlike other materials that degrade with time, concrete’s strength increases with every passing year. This is due to the unique capability of the cement component to form bonds with surrounding moisture particles.

Unsurpassed Durability

Concrete is famed worldwide for its ability to resist fire, erosion, rotting, weathering, and rusting. Concrete structures can last for more than 50 years. Because it can resist several types of damage, concrete requires less maintenance and repairs than many other building materials.

High Reflectivity

The reflectivity of a material can be defined as its ability to reflect light or radiation. Unlike asphalt and many other building materials that absorb heat, concrete reflects it. This unique property helps keep buildings cool, reducing cooling costs.

Concrete can help mitigate the negative environmental effects of heat islands or urban areas that are hotter than rural areas due to high greenhouse gas emissions.

Unparalleled Environmental Benefits

Because concrete lasts longer, manufacturers do not have to manufacture it as frequently as other building materials. This helps save the resources required to manufacture and transport concrete.

Additionally, it is often made from locally sourced materials and does not have to be transported from one place to another. Concrete can be recycled and reused.

Because concrete can withstand natural disasters, property owners do not usually need extra materials to repair their damaged concrete structures.

Amazing Versatility

One of the reasons why concrete finds use in several applications around the world is its incredible versatility. It is used for the construction of new roads, driveways, highways, pathways, garages, patios, and buildings (both residential and commercial).

The ratio of ingredients in the concrete mixture can be altered to increase or decrease its strength. Concrete can be cut into different shapes and sizes. Thanks to this unique property, construction companies are able to explore a range of design possibilities.

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