What are the Functions of Concrete Curing?


Curing is extremely important for developing strength and durability of concrete. This process takes place immediately after placing and finishing concrete, and it involves maintenance of desired temperature and moisture conditions, near the surface as well as at depth, for extended time periods. Concrete that is properly cured has an adequate amount of moisture for development of strength and continued hydration, resistance to scaling and abrasion, freezing and thawing resistance, and volume stability. It is important to choose high-quality concrete before starting a project, and you can find that by researching ‘concrete delivery near me.’

Importance of Curing Concrete

Concrete Curing has Three Main Functions:

1. Maintaining Concrete Mixing Water During the Hardening Process: During the early process of hardening, the mixing water in concrete needs to be maintained. Curing helps in this process. Maintaining curing water is done through ponding and immersion and spraying and fogging. Saturated wet coverings and left-in-place forms help in hardening concrete so that the surface of the floor does not get damaged; and also protect against loss of moisture for formed concrete floors or other surfaces.

2. Reducing Moisture Loss from the Concrete Surface: Curing is also necessary for reducing loss of moisture from the surface of the concrete. This is done by applying concrete compounds that form membranes and covering concrete with plastic sheets or impervious paper. Membrane-forming curing compounds are used for reducing or retarding evaporation of moisture from concrete. Such compounds should be applied immediately after completing the final finishing.

3. Accelerating Gain of Strength with the Use of Additional Moisture and Heat: To make sure that concrete does not get damaged quickly, it is important to accelerate the rate that it gains strength at. This can be done by using heat and additional moisture. Steam curing can be done through two methods: high-pressure steam at autoclaves, and live steam at atmospheric pressure. Electrical heating forms or pads, heating coils and concrete blankets are also effective when you need to apply heat to concrete.

When you are using concrete for any surface in and around your home, remember that it is extremely important to cure your concrete. Curing ensures that your floors and other surfaces are strong and durable, and last many years so that you do not have to spend time, money and effort on re-applying concrete.

Top-Quality Concrete in Your Area

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