How Concrete Drying is Distinct from Concrete Curing


People often use ‘curing’ and ‘drying’ interchangeably when it comes to the condition of moisture in new concrete slabs. However, the fact is that concrete drying and concrete curing are two different processes. They are both important for making sure that your concrete is strong and durable when you complete the entire process of placing concrete on surfaces. It is also important to know the differences between curing and drying when using concrete. To find the top suppliers in your area, research ‘concrete near me’, and you will find the best suppliers to meet your needs.

Differences Between Concrete Curing and Concrete Drying

Here is a look at how concrete curing is distinct from concrete drying.


  • Concrete curing is defined as a process that provides adequate temperature, moisture, as well as time for the concrete to achieve the desired properties for the use it is intended for. This would mean that you need to maintain a temperature higher than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, a relative humidity more than 80%, and a time that typically ranges from 3 to 14 days, depending on the specific application. When you follow these specific recommendations properly, you will achieve the final properties of the concrete mixture.


  • Concrete drying is defined as a process that provides the proper conditions for the concrete to achieve a moisture condition that is appropriate for the use it is intended for. A concrete slab’s moisture condition is extremely important for applying moisture-sensitive floor finishes like wood flooring, linoleum, vinyl composition tile, and a non-breathable coating such as epoxy. The moisture condition is measured in vapor transmission rate in lb/1000 ft2/24hr. A value for vapor transmission rate that is commonly specified may be 3lb/1000 ft2/24hr, while the ideal value specified for relative humidity should be less than 75% to 80% to ensure that the flooring materials are successfully applied.

When you need to apply concrete, it is important to make sure that the drying and curing processes are performed properly. It will ensure that the concrete is strong and does not get damaged in the near future.

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