The Top 4 Types Of Landscape Rocks


There are several compelling reasons why people use rocks in their landscaping projects. Landscape rocks are easy to maintain, don’t attract pests, stand up to foot traffic, and can improve drainage.

With so many options available, you can feel overwhelmed when choosing the right rocks for your landscapes. To help you make an informed decision, our team of landscape rock specialists and delivery men at Bayshore Materials have compiled a list of some popular types of landscape rocks.


Pebbles are available in a range of sizes and colors. You can use pebbles as the main element of your pathway or lay them between stepping stones or pavers for a unique look

Many landscapers use pebbles to protect the soil from temperature extremes, achieve a natural look, and prevent weeds. If your water feature has a filtration system, you can add pebbles to it for additional filtration.

Pebbles come in beautiful earthy tones of browns and grays and can easily blend into almost any landscape.

Stepping Stones

You can use stepping stones to create an eye-catching area at the end of your pathway or a conversation piece surrounding your water feature. Alternatively, you can lay stepping stones to direct foot traffic to certain areas in your yard, draw attention to a focal point such as a water feature, create a border around a specific area, or add texture and color to your landscape.

Some common materials used for stepping stones include concrete, limestone, slate, sandstone, and granite.


Cobbles are famed for their rustic appearance. These medium-sized rounded natural stones are used to create retaining walls, patios, pathways, and other hardscapes.

Cobblestones manufactured these days have a relatively hard surface to prevent trip hazards. You can use cobblestones in your accent pieces or focal point. Alternatively, use them with other types of landscape rocks such as river stones and stepping stones to create a truly unique walkway or patio.


Whether you want to add a walkway or pathway to your backyard or create a seating area overlooking your yard or water feature, consider flagstone. Flagstone is extremely durable. When maintained properly, it can last centuries. It is easy to install, provides traction in wet weather, and does not deteriorate easily, even when constantly exposed to harsh weather.

The two most popular flagstone types are select and patio. Select flagstone comes in 18”-36” slabs that are available in different shapes such as rectangles and squares. You can also choose from a number of natural, jagged shapes. Patio flagstone usually comes in 12”-18” tiles that are perfect for pathways, stepping stones, and patios.

For a unique look, lay flagstone in a layer of sand or concrete. You can even use flagstone for your floors, countertop, and walls.

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