Comparing Ready-Mix Concrete and Site-Mixed Concrete

Concrete is known for its durability, resilience, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. The construction industry uses two types of concrete – ready-mix concrete and site-mixed concrete. Both types have their own advantages. Depending on the nature of your project, one type may be better than the other for your construction project.

Understanding Ready-Mix Concrete and Site-Mixed Concrete

Ready-mix concrete near you in Vallejo is specifically manufactured in a batch plant as per the specifications provided by the customer and then delivered to the job site in an unhardened and plastic state. It is a mixture of water, sand gravel or crushed stones, aggregates, and other cement. Ready-mix concrete is sold by volume.

As the name implies, site-mixed concrete is prepared at the construction site. Ingredients are mixed in a specific ratio in a concrete mixer to achieve the desired strength and consistency. Site managers use different formulas to determine the right mix ratio. Mixing materials in the wrong proportions can result in quality issues.

Differences Between Ready-Mix Concrete and Site-Mixed Concrete

Time: Ready-mix concrete is delivered to the construction site ready-to-use. Producing ready-mix concrete in a state-of-the-art facility is a less time-consuming affair than producing concrete at a job site

Batch Size: Ready-mix concrete can be delivered in large batches, whereas only a small amount of concrete can be mixed on-site

Storage Requirements: Ready-mix concrete ingredients do not have any special storage requirements. Materials used to manufacture site-mixed concrete should be stored in a controlled environment to preserve their properties

Equipment Required: Because ready-mix concrete is delivered ready-to-use, no equipment is required at the construction site. You may, however, have to transport retardants and admixtures to the location of the batching facility is located far from the construction site and your construction manager deems it necessary to use retarding admixtures in order to keep the concrete from setting. As a result, project costs can increase. If you decide to use site-mixed concrete, you will need a weight batch mixer to mix concrete on-site

Manpower Required: State-of-the-art batch plants use automated processes to produce ready-mix concrete. Only a few skilled workers are required to pour and compact concrete. Producing concrete at a construction site, on the other hand, is a labor-intensive process

Distribution: Site-mixed concrete should be produced at the exact point of use to avoid contamination. Ready-mix concrete can be delivered to different locations

Selection of Materials: If you decide to use ready-mix concrete for your project, you have the liberty to choose the materials. When you opt for site-mixed concrete, you have no control over the material selection process

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