Rejuvenate and Reseal Your Concrete This Summer

Used in the construction of both residential and commercial buildings, concrete is the most popular building material. It is a common practice to apply sealers to concrete to protect the surface from corrosion, damage, and staining. Sealers either block concrete pores or create an impermeable layer that prevents water and salts from passing.

Concrete sealing increases the longevity of concrete surfaces. A high-quality concrete sealer is designed to protect surfaces from oil stains, temperature changes, rain moss, and dirt.

Sealers wear over time. You know your sealer is no longer effective when you start noticing a reduction in water repellency. When this happens, unsightly stains may start appearing on concrete. If you fail to fix the problem quickly, water may penetrate the surface causing extensive damage.

Resealing Concrete 

To maintain the look of your concrete structures, have them resealed by an expert. When resealing concrete, you need to ensure sealer compatibility. You also need to prepare the surface properly for better adhesion.

Before you start applying a new coat of sealer over an existing sealer, make sure you are using a compatible product. If you have no or little information about the existing sealer, tear it down before resealing.

If, however, the existing sealer is known and you do not notice any symptoms of extensive damage such as clouding and delamination, you can apply a new coat over the existing one.

To prepare the surface for the coat, clean it with a mild detergent. Allow it to dry before applying the new coat. If signs of extensive damage such as sealer delamination and heavy soiling are present, the surface may require extensive preparation. It is advisable that you consult an expert before proceeding.

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Concrete Rejuvenation

If your concrete surfaces are losing their sheen, it does not necessarily mean the sealer has worn out. Concrete also fades from surface abrasion and exposure to UV rays. Other common causes for deterioration in concrete are foot traffic, extreme weather, and age.

If your concrete sealer is intact, your service provider will pressure wash surfaces to restore them to their former glory. Many experts use powerful and proprietary cleaners made with hydrochloric acid and buffers to remove dirt build-up. These products can also be used to remove moss spores and algae.

Building materials experts recommend resealing concrete twice a year. Consider resealing designs that incorporate colors or stamps a necessity. Resealing will not only extend the life of your concrete structures but also help maintain their aesthetic appeal for years.

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