Important Tools for Concrete Contractors


Regardless of the project, every concrete contractor needs a complete set of tools to make sure that the job is done right. As you well know, concrete does not wait for anyone, so making sure that you have the right tools can go a long way in making a difference between a successful, mess-free pour, and a downright disaster. Many of the essential tools that are used in concrete work are basic, and do not require you to make a huge investment. Buying equipment such as concrete finishing tools can help you save money by eliminating the cost of rental fees.

Essential Concrete Tools that Every Contractor Needs

Here is a look at a few essential tools that all concrete contractors need to have.

  • Portable Concrete Mixer: This is not the huge and noisy concrete mixer used in construction sites, but the small and portable type that professional concrete contractors use for small-scale concrete-based repair jobs. Because portable concrete mixers have much smaller capacities, contractors need to have an accurate estimate of how much concrete they need.
  • Plate Compactor: One of the most important concrete finishing tools is the plate compactor. As you know, preparing the concrete subgrade properly is crucial for the appearance as well as the performance of a concrete slab, as cracking and sinking is prevented. While you can always use a handheld tamper to pound down the aggregate sub base, using a vibratory plate compactor gives you better results with less effort.
  • Trowels: The last tools you will need when finishing a concrete slab are steel trowels. They are essential to achieve a smooth, level surface, and to fill any voids. To reach the middle of the slab, you will need a Fresno, which is basically a trowel that has a long handle attached to it. To touch-up tight spots and edges, you will need a set of hand trowels.
  • Pump-Up Sprayer: If you apply stains, sealers, and curing compounds to your outdoor concrete on a frequent basis, you will need to have a low-pressure or pump-up sprayer. This is a tool that helps save a lot of time, and delivers constant pressure so that you are able to get a consistent spray pattern and better results. You should also check out rechargeable backpack sprayers for applying concrete sealers and stains.

As you can see, concrete contractors need quite a few items, including concrete finishing tools to ensure that their job is well done. If you want your finished product to be perfect, you should definitely make sure that these tools are a part of your toolkit.

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