5 Essential Concrete Finishing Tools for Polishing Exteriors

Without the right tools and equipment, even the most skilled and experienced concrete contractor cannot achieve and deliver good results. When working in the concrete business, one of the most important parts is the finish. For polishing exteriors, contractors need to use certain finishing tools that have an important place in their tool box. Without these tools, they will not be able to achieve the finishes they desire, and the concrete will not look appealing.

5 Concrete Finishing Tools Every Concrete Contractor Needs

Here is a look at 5 essential concrete finishing tools that every concrete contractor requires for polishing exteriors.

  1. Plate Compactor: Concrete subgrade needs to be properly prepared as it affects the way a concrete slab looks and performs. A well-prepared subgrade prevents cracking and sinking. While a handheld tamper can be used to pound the aggregate subbase down, you will get much better results without much effort if using a vibratory plate compactor.
  2. Floats: When finishing a concrete slab, there are a number of important functions that hand floats and bull floats perform. This includes bringing paste to the surface and pushing the coarse aggregate down to consolidate the slab, cut high points, and fill lows to ensure that the surface is level. Concrete contractors also use floats on colored concrete by working in dry-shake color hardener.
  3. Trowels: When finishing concrete slabs, steel trowels are the last tools that contractors use. They play an important role in ensuring that the surface is smooth and level, and that all voids are properly filled. When it comes to concrete finishing tools in Vallejo, contractors will require a Fresno trowel so that they can reach the middle of the slab as well as a set of hand trowels for touching up tight spots and edges.
  4. Pump-Up Sprayer: For those who apply curing compounds, stains and sealers to their outdoor concrete on a frequent basis, a low pressure or pump-up sprayer is an important finishing tool. A sprayer helps in saving time and delivering constant pressure so that the spray pattern is consistent, and the results are better.
  5. Set of Stamps: Choosing an appealing pattern is not the only important factor when it comes to purchasing or renting a set of stamps for imprinting patterns on concrete slabs. It is equally important to choose the right type of stamp for the task at hand, and know what characteristics distinguish a stamp of high quality from a substandard one.

When you require concrete finishing tools in Vallejo, you should make sure to choose high-quality products so that you get the best results when polishing your exteriors. With the right tools, you can make sure that your concrete slabs are always perfect.  Contact Bayshore Materials Inc. for the best construction products and landscape services in town. Call (707) 644-0859 today.