4 Tips to Prepare for Home Concrete Delivery

Plan to use concrete for your project? Why transport it yourself when you can have it delivered to the worksite? Many concrete supply centers offer home delivery services. Once you have chosen a concrete supply center, select a date for delivery. When choosing a delivery date, check the weather forecast. You will want to avoid dates on which your region will likely receive rainfall.

After you choose a delivery date, follow these steps to prepare for home concrete delivery.

Have the Site Ready

To prepare your pour site, level the ground by compacting and dampening the earth. Remove debris from the area, such as bushes, remnants of old concrete, and stones.

Set up a wooden barrier around the edge of the pour site. The barrier creates the shape of your concrete slab. Use thick, sturdy pieces of timber to ensure the framework is strong enough to support the concrete.

Check if There is Enough Room for the Delivery Truck

Concrete delivery trucks are bulky vehicles. A concrete delivery truck can be about 11 meters and will need a few meters of clearance on either side.

Check if there are parked cars on your road, whether your entrance is too narrow for the truck, or if your road layout is too tricky for the bulky truck to navigate.

Inform the provider about these hindrances in advance so they can plan accordingly. It is also good to inform your neighbors about the potential disruption. Request them to move their vehicles or anything else that can be a hindrance out of the way.

Prepare Your Team

Your team can be your family or friends who have agreed to help you or the workers you have hired for the job. Equip them with the right tools. Make sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

Wet concrete can be messy, so remember, safety comes first. Ensure that everyone has protective equipment, such as rubber gloves and eyewear. Check to make sure that everyone is wearing long trousers and long-sleeved shirts.

If you are having ready-mix concrete delivered to your worksite, you do not have to worry about dust as it arrives pre-mixed. If you plan to mix concrete on-site, use barriers to control dirt.

Choose the Right Transfer Method

If your pour location is far from the street, consider using a concrete pump – a machine designed to transfer liquid concrete to a job site. Homeowners who plan to use wheelbarrows should make sure they have enough workers to carry them.

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