Topsoil Uses to Consider for Your Lawn and Garden


As the name implies, topsoil is the top layer of soil – usually between 2-8 inches deep. It is composed of organic matter and contains various nutrients, including potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Plants need these nutrients to grow. Therefore, adding topsoil to your garden is a great way to create a nutrient-rich environment that promotes healthy plant growth. Some popular types of topsoil include clay, silt, loam, chalk, and peat.

Here are some ways to use topsoil in your lawn.

For Composting

Standard compost is composed of bacteria, organic matter, and moisture. Mix topsoil with compost to provide bedding for your plants and flowers. Different composts can have different compositions.

Before you mix topsoil with your compost, check out different compost-amended soils and other products topsoil suppliers offer. Visit gardening stores to learn about different soil products, including mulch.

For Fixing Bare Lawn Patches

You can use topsoil to cover unsightly patches in your lawn. Apply topsoil directly to the patches and spread evenly but not compactly to leave enough space for grass to grow.

In addition to covering bare patches, topsoil will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to thrive. Consider sowing grass seeds on the topsoil. Cultivate the areas around the gaps and water the grass at regular intervals.

For Improving Drainage in Your Garden

If you have poor drainage in your garden and puddles of water often appear, use topsoil to fill the depressions in areas where water needs to drain properly.

For optimal results, consider mixing topsoil with sandy soil. Alternatively, cultivate the affected area and add topsoil.

Other Uses

You can also use topsoil when building a new garden. Topsoil in your garden will boost seedling growth. If the fertility of your garden soil is decreasing, adding topsoil is a great way to replenish nutrients in your soil. It can also be added to low-quality soil around houses to improve its quality.

How Much Topsoil Do I Need?

There are various formulae to calculate the amount of topsoil required for a project. One of the most popular formulas involves multiplying your lawn and dividing the result by 27. The result is the cubic yards of topsoil needed.

How to Apply Topsoil?

Many gardeners add topsoil to their gardens in spring. It can also be added to gardens in fall as a top dressing. If the topsoil you purchased is somewhat lumpy, mix it up in a tarp or wheelbarrow before spreading it.

To further enhance the quality of your topsoil, add compost, manure, peat moss, or other organic matter. Apply topsoil using a shovel or spread it by pouring it from containers. After spreading the topsoil, spray down the topsoil layer with water.

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