Steps to Choosing the Best Topsoil

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of quality topsoil for your yard. The right topsoil for your yard will have the proper proportion of clay, organic matter, and sand. Quality topsoil supports plant growth, provides nutrients to the landscape, and helps with drainage.

Follow these tips to choose the best topsoil for your garden when looking for the best local topsoil delivery.

Visit Local Landscape Supplies Stores to Get Their Recommendations

Take a sample of your soil to local landscape supplies stores. Collect soil from at least three or four spots rather than just one area.

Based on the composition of your topsoil, local stores will make recommendations on the best topsoil blend to use in your backyard. For example, if your soil has high clay content you may need a topsoil mix with extra sand to improve your soil’s drainage properties.

Examine the Soil

When considering topsoil from a landscape supply company, find out the amount of organic matter in it. The more organic material in the soil, the better. Check the surface of the soil. Do you notice a white or light residue? It may indicate the presence of salts or lime.

The ideal topsoil is dark brown in color and smells sweet. When squeezed, it crumbles rather than forming hard blocks. When wet, it does not feel slippery and slimy. Steer clear of gray or blue-green topsoil as it is an indication that it’s been continuously wet or saturated. If the soil you are considering has been packaged, ask for a soil sample.

Inquire About the Composition of the Soil

Quality topsoil is a mixture of sand, clay and silt. The ideal composition is: sand – 40-65%, clay – 5-20%, and silt – 20-60%. Ask the seller if they can provide a soil makeup report. If the soil is pre-bagged, check its side for this information.

Find Out If the Topsoil Has Been Screened

Look for pulverized or screened topsoil as the majority of weeds, rocks and unwanted debris in them are removed. Screened or pulverized topsoil also has a more consistent texture.

Get the Soil’s Test Data 

Ask the seller if they can provide you with test data so you can determine the soil’s pH level and nutrient makeup. Steer clear of soils with a pH value of less than 4.5 or more than 7. The best topsoil has less than 0.05 mmhos/cm for tests performed using a 1:2 soil:water ratio.

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