Should You Choose Asphalt or Ready-Mix Concrete from a Supplier in Vallejo

In choosing a material for your upcoming construction project or home renovation, it’s important you understand the full range of options available. Our team at Bayshore Materials, Inc. is a recognized supplier of ready-mix concrete in Vallejo and in this latest post, we’ll explain a little more about the differences between concrete and asphalt for your construction projects.

Concrete Pros

  • Less maintenance required

One of the leading advantages of concrete is that the there will be less maintenance required on your construction work in the coming years compared with asphalt. Ready-mix concrete from a leading local supplier in Vallejo is designed to offer superb performance without the splitting and cracking that can sometimes lead to structural issues within a consolidated timeframe.

  • Durability

As we just alluded to, one of the strongest benefits of working with concrete is its durability. When applied professionally and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, concrete can last up to 30 years without the need for repair or maintenance work. It’s a significant advantage for those using concrete for building work.

Asphalt Pros

  • Affordability

One of the reasons why many choose asphalt over concrete is that it’s more affordable. The low initial cost of the asphalt compared with concrete means that it can be a simple purchase for many projects. However, this low initial cost is offset by the higher maintenance costs in the years to come, and so this should be a leading consideration when looking to save money with asphalt.

  • Immediate use

With timing a priority in many projects, asphalt is chosen because the material can be used immediately after it’s been applied. Concrete generally requires several days before it can be used.

Ready Mix Concrete Now a Leading Option

While affordability is a leading concern in using concrete for construction work, many are now turning to their local ready-mix concrete supplier in Vallejo for cost-effective options. Ready-mix products have all the benefits of concrete allied with the affordability of asphalt.

Our team at Bayshore Materials is here to guide your construction work. To learn more about the ready-mix concrete products available from a trusted supplier in Vallejo, call us today.