Rebuilding Past Architecture with Materials of Future


People are enamored and fascinated with famous old buildings partly for their majestic aura and sense of history that they impart. When you lay your eyes on an ancient cathedral, you see more than an old structure – you are looking at the design, architectural style, and the skill that went into constructing it. When you really think about it, don’t you wonder how builders from centuries ago built such magnificent structures with the materials they had? Now, past architecture can be built with materials of the future and bring them back to their glory. Research ‘concrete supply near me’ online to find the most technologically-advanced concrete for your projects.

Architecture of the Past Built with Materials of the Future

Here are a few of the structures built in the past that have been rebuilt in recent years with modern materials.

1. The New Carquinez Bridge: Jerome Lynch is a civil engineer who made it onto the list of Brilliant 10 Young Geniuses in 2009. He is known for making bridges safer by using sensors that have the capability to detect structural problems automatically before they turn into catastrophes. The New Carquinez Bridge in Vallejo is one of the most recent bridges (long-span) to be built in California. The University of Michigan installed a hi-tech dense wireless network of sensors with nearly 100 sensor channels that range from measurements of temperature and wind speeds to accelerations and strains.

2. John Hancock Center: The John Hancock Center in Chicago was remodeled by Roger Duffy from the renowned architecture firm, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM). The results of this project are a combination of science and art. Nanotechnology was introduced in engineering materials, which in turn has revolutionized conventional construction materials. These new and innovative varieties of concrete are self-regulating and significantly stronger. For example, the tension capacity of concrete can be increased to exceed that of steel when carbon nanotubes (CNTs) is injected into an ultra-high strength matrix of concrete. When CNTs are used, there is no need for installing conventional, labor-intensive reinforcing bars, which in turn expedites the construction process.

With so many advancements being made in cement and concrete, you can find concrete made with innovative technology to benefit your construction projects. To find the best concrete for your needs, look for ‘concrete suppliers near me’. When it comes to technologically-advanced construction materials for different types of projects, there is one name you can always trust – Bayshore Materials Inc. To find out more, visit or call us today at (707) 644-0859.