Landscape Rock Essentials: A Guide to Decorative Stone


There are several compelling reasons to use rocks in your landscape. Rocks do not attract pests, are easy to maintain, and stand up to foot traffic. Some types of rocks can improve drainage and help prevent erosion.

There are several ways to use decorative stones in your landscape. You can use them to create a walkway or path or add an interesting element to your lawn. Some popular decorative stone types to use in pathways include river stone, gravel, and flagstone.

You can also use decorative stones to edge a walkway. Edging your walkway is a great way to prevent dirt and mud from being splashed onto your plants and showcase them in their full glory.

Many homeowners use decorative rocks like a mulch to prevent soil erosion, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Unlike wood chips and some other types of mulch, rocks do not need to be replaced every year. Also, they do not discolor easily and are resistant to weathering.

Grass is a popular, but expensive and high maintenance groundcover. If you are on a tight budget, consider using rocks to create a groundcover for your pond. Many landscape designers use stepping stones and rocks to create a sustainable landscape design.

Want to add character to your landscape? Build a rock garden! Choose an area that gets plenty of natural light. Place two or three boulders and surround them with closely spaced flowers. Use low-lying flowers such as ground orchids or portulaca. Lastly, cover all the gaps with smaller stones.

You can choose a large unusually-shaped boulder to serve as a focal point. A rock centerpiece can add visual interest to dull and boring border areas including hedges. If you have set aside a dedicated area for growing veggies, add a quartet of raised beds with natural stones to your small vegetable garden.

Consider building a stone fence in your yard. Use stones of different sizes and hues. A stone fence adds instant charm to a yard, helping improve the aesthetic appeal of the property.

If you have a swimming pool, place stacked stones and natural stones around it to create a coherent and appealing design. Homeowners who intend to throw outdoor parties can build a small fire pit embedded in a stone patio.

Don’t like the appearance of your pond? You can also create a pond border using decorative stone. Place stones strategically to hide unsightly pond liner and provide contrast to the water. Use rocks that are the same in size, but have different shapes and colors.

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