How to Use Landscape Stones and Rocks


There are several good reasons to use rocks in your landscape instead of mulch. Stones and rocks can help add interest and character to your landscape. Rocks deter pests, are low-maintenance, inexpensive, and can improve drainage. If you’re still not convinced, here are some suggestions on how to use rocks in your landscape.

Create Garden Accents

Select larger, aesthetically pleasing rocks and strategically place them around your plants to serve as garden accents. This is a great way to give your landscape texture, interesting variations, and a more natural look. Choose heavy-duty boulders and larger decorative rocks that can stand the test of time.

Build Stone Walls

You can build a stone wall in your landscape to separate the street from your lawn, highlight property corners or boundary lines, enclose your vegetable garden or flower bed, or line the sides of your driveway. A retaining wall can be used to hold soil in its place or create tiers in the landscape.

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Create a Rock Dry Stream Bed

A rock dry stream bed is a stone bed that resembles the shape of a stream. A strategically placed and well-built rock dry stream bed can help improve the appearance of your landscape and control water runoff.

Here are the steps to building a dry riverbed:

  • Map Out Your Dry Stream Bed: When designing your bed, consider the natural path of water flow. For a more natural look, incorporate curves in the design and make sure some areas are wider than others.
  • Dig Your Trench and Line it: Dig the trench for the dry stream bed. Be careful to ensure the edges of your creek bed are never deeper than the middle, or water will accumulate along the sides, leading to runoff. Slope the edges or create vertical sides. Line the trench with landscape fabric.
  • Add Gravel and Boulders: Cover the landscape fabric with gravel. Not only will gravel hold the landscaping fabric in its place, but it will also slow down the flow of rainwater as it seeps into the ground. Place several large boulders randomly along the edges to delineate the path.
  • Fill the Dry Stream Bed with Landscaping Stones: Use large, smooth stones to create barriers along the edges. Fill in the remaining area with rocks and stones of different shapes and colors.

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