How Can Concrete Cracking Be Avoided


Concrete plays a crucial role in maintaining a functional driveway, walkway or outdoor living space. Not only do you need a solid walking surface for your home’s functionality, concrete that is cracked or damaged can also have an effect on a house’s curb appeal and its overall value. Premature cracking can occur for a number of reasons – the most common ones are excess water, improper curing, shifting earth, freeze-thaw cycles, and shrinking. The good news is that you can avoid the problem of concrete cracking in different ways. The first thing you should do is to make sure that you get top-quality concrete. Search ‘concrete delivery near me’, and choose Bayshore Materials Inc. to get the best materials for your home.

How to Avoid Concrete Cracking

Here is a look at a few ways that can help you in preventing your concrete from cracking:

  • Ensure Proper Curing: Keep in mind that concrete must be cured properly to make sure that it is durable. Experts recommend that you apply a curing compound after you place the concrete to begin the curing process. You should also remember that the longer the curing process, the better and it should be not less than 7 days.
  • Reduce Aggregate: While it is difficult to stop concrete cracking because shrinking naturally occurs no matter what, there are things you can do fix the issue. You can follow the trick that concrete professionals do, which is to reduce the amount of aggregate that is included in their ready-mix concrete delivery. After you have searched ‘concrete delivery near me’, and have chosen the company you think is best, you can ask them to do this for you.
  • Use an Active Sealing Agent: The freeze-thaw cycle can damage and crack concrete, but you can reduce the problem. You can prepare the ready-mixed concrete with an active sealing agent that prevents water from entering and freezing the surface. If you live in an area where concrete goes through the freeze-thaw cycle during the winter, this is the tip from the experts that you can follow.

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