Helpful Concrete Maintenance Tips


Concrete is one of the most popular building materials and is known for its durability. Concrete structures are exposed to the elements. Over time, dust and dirt can collect on concrete. Unclean concrete structures can quickly become an eyesore, impacting your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value.

Make maintaining your concrete a priority. With proper care and maintenance, concrete can last for many decades. Regular concrete maintenance is cost efficient and not too difficult.

Here are some ways to maintain concrete from a ready-mix concrete supplier in Vallejo.

Seal Concrete 

Sealing concrete is a great way to increase its durability. A top-quality sealer offers comprehensive protection against the elements and could also inhibit mold. Some popular types of concrete sealers include penetrating sealers, acrylic sealers, and epoxy sealers.

Penetrating sealers can be used on a variety of bare concrete surfaces. They offer protection against erosion, extreme temperatures, and UV radiation. Some common types of penetrating sealers include silane sealers, silicate sealers, and silicone sealers.

Both acrylic sealers and epoxy sealers are usually used for aesthetic purposes. They add a glossy finish to concrete. Epoxy sealers should be used indoors as UV rays stain epoxy over time. On the other hand, acrylic sealers can be used indoors and outdoors. Look for a sealer with a non-yellowing additive as acrylic sealers turn yellow over time and delaminate.

Periodically Clean Your Concrete 

Do not let dust, dirt, and oil accumulate on your concrete. To keep your concrete looking pristine, periodically clean it. Spray a cleaning solution, while avoiding hard cleaning products, on concrete surfaces. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then scrub and rinse. Pressure wash outdoor concrete structures.

Some cleaning products could do more harm than good. Some deicers, for example, penetrate the sealer and could damage your concrete. Remember to read product information, including disclaimers and instructions, before buying a cleaning product.

Keep Lawn Fertilizers Off Concrete Surfaces 

Never leave lawn fertilizers on concrete surfaces as they usually contain iron and can cause rust stains on wet surfaces, damaging them over time. If your concrete has rust stains, apply a stain remover to it. Before using a stain remover, check to see if it contains some form of a bleaching agent, as bleaching agents are notorious for leaving white spots.

Prevent Water from Accumulating 

Water is the number one enemy of concrete. Do not let water sit on a surface for a long time. Try to provide a slope allowing water to drain easily. If this is not possible, be vigilant to keep the water clear as water can penetrate the concrete and accelerate wear.

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