Eco-friendly Ways To Reuse Broken Concrete


Concrete is famed for its extraordinary strength and does not break easily. Though more durable than many other popular building materials, concrete isn’t supposed to last forever. Age-related deterioration can affect concrete’s strength.

Broken concrete pieces are eyesores. Homeowners usually dispose of old concrete when a structure disintegrates. Because concrete is so durable, when disposed of it takes as few as 50 years to break down at the landfill. Broken concrete accounts for around 40% of the total waste generated in the country.

Recycling concrete is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.  When a concrete structure cracks and breaks, consider reusing the materials instead of throwing them out.

As a building materials store near Vallejo, we are often asked about the various options for reusing old concrete. To help you jump start your journey to a sustainable lifestyle, we have compiled a list of some ways to reuse concrete. Take a look.

Reuse For Landscaping

You can reuse concrete to update your landscape. Concrete is a versatile building material. Irrespective of the design of your landscape, you will find a way to reuse old concrete.

You can reuse concrete to build a fire pit, stone walls or edge-raised garden beds. If you want to create a shady spot in your landscape, consider building stone sheds. Old concrete can also be used to create a walkway to guide visitors through the landscape or between structures. If you want to make your landscape more wildlife-friendly, build a wildlife habitat using old concrete.

Reuse For New Construction

There are two compelling reasons to reuse concrete for new construction: a) when you recycle concrete, you help the environment; and b) reusing old concrete is a great way to reduce new construction project costs.

You can crush old concrete and add it to new concrete as it is mixed. Alternatively, you can reduce old concrete to rubble and utilize it as an aggregate material for the sub-layer of a new driveway.

Donate It To A Friend

If a friend or colleague in your area is building a new home or planning to give their backyard a makeover, you can ask them to haul concrete from your property so they can reuse it for their project.

Donating old concrete locally is just as eco-friendly as reusing it yourself as there is no need to process concrete. When you donate concrete to a friend who lives near you, very less energy is used to transport the materials.

Use It In Your Home

You can reuse old concrete in walkways to provide a walkable surface and gaps for rain water to reach the soil. It can also be used as a bed foundation in which to lay underground utilities. Many homeowners utilize concrete waste to build benches, decorative pots and paving blocks.

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