8 Reasons to Choose Concrete Over Another Building Material


Concrete ticks all the right boxes. It is widely used for both residential and commercial projects.

If you are wondering whether you should use concrete for your next project, you have come to the right place. Here are some benefits of building with concrete.

Low maintenance

Building with concrete required little tools. Tools like, concrete finishing tools in Vallejo, are easy to use and store. Once you have finished your concrete, it needs less maintenance than many other popular building materials. It is resistant to the elements. With concrete, you will save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars on maintenance and repairs.

Superior Durability

Concrete is famed for its extraordinary durability. It lasts two to three times longer than many building materials. Many concrete buildings are demolished because of their functional obsolescence, not age-related deterioration.

Concrete’s unparalleled durability can be attributed to its properties such as resistance to chemical attack and weathering action. Some of the oldest concrete structures that have lasted for centuries include the Colosseum and Pantheon, the Ingalls Building and the Pyramids of Giza.


Concrete can be produced in exact amounts. This helps minimize wastage. Concrete is long-lasting. it does not end up in landfills for years, helping take pressure off them. It helps reduce pressure on resources required to produce and transport the building material.

Concrete can be recycled and used in different ways. When a business chooses concrete over different building materials, it demonstrates its commitment to sustainability.

The tools you use to finish the concrete projects are reusable, and easy to store for your next concrete project.

The amount of energy required to produce concrete is significantly less than many other building materials. Steel, for example, requires up to three times more energy to produce than concrete. Concrete is manufactured using natural materials.

Concrete is Energy efficient

Concrete’s high thermal mass allows it to absorb and store more heat than many other building materials. In winters, concrete can help maintain a cozy and comfortable temperature.

Concrete homes have less frequent, lower and slower temperature swings. The HVAC in an energy-efficient home does not have to run longer and harder to maintain an optimal building temperature and consumes less electricity.

It is Fire-resistant

Thanks to its superior capability to absorb heat, concrete is fire resistant. Concrete floors, walls and surfaces cannot be set on fire and unlike many other building materials do not emit toxic fumes when exposed to it.

Doesn’t Rust or rot

Unlike wood and metal, concrete does not rot. Given the fact that repairing a rotting, decaying or rusting material can be an expensive affair, concrete can save you lots of money and headache down the road.

Can be Used for Virtually any Space

Concrete is perfect for small and large spaces. You can even stamp concrete to make it look like a popular building material such as wood, brick or stone. With concrete, you can achieve your desired design and style without compromising on durability and reliability.

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