5 Decorative Concrete Products that Can Add Beauty to Your Home

Have you been looking for concrete contractors in Vallejo CA? We understand that there are multiple reasons for seeking the services of the concrete contractors. Out of the wide range of experiments you can carry out with concrete, what should you actually look forward to implementing?

If we start noting down all of the ideas on a piece of paper, hundreds of concrete products shall come to mind that could potentially transform the beauty around your living space. That would be extremely long, and might distract you while reading. To keep it short and effective, here is our list of 5 decorative concrete products that can add elements of beauty to your home.

1. Concrete antiquing and release agents

Antiquing is an additional color used to highlight textured concrete. In antiquing, a secondary color is applied to the textured concrete, generally in the deeper areas of the impression. Liquid release agents are mainly used as bond breakers during the process of stenciling or stamping concrete. No matter how heavy stamping procedure you are carrying out, the release agents prevent texture rollers and urethane mats from getting stuck to the concrete surface.

2. Concrete color hardeners

These pre-blended dry shake materials are effective in performing functions related to hardening, coloring, or adding density to the surface of a flatwork project. They are mostly applied to the freshly placed concrete surface. There are products available that come in a variety of colors. Their effectiveness lies in the fact that the colors they introduce to the surface are capable of withstanding heavy traffic load.

3. Concrete overlay systems

If your home has a worn-out concrete surface, it’s time to get it sorted. Introduce a new look to the area with concrete overlay systems. If you are a simple person with elegant choices, give the varieties of overlays a try. Whether you are looking for colors, stains, or a uniform outlook, these overlays come in all types.

4. Concrete staining systems

The unique characteristic of concrete is its natural properties. It is a by-product of nature, and hence, it brings us a rocky appeal. You might want to add some natural earthy color to the surface using concrete stains. The most amazing feature of these stains is that they can be applied to the floor, wall and even kitchen countertops.

5. Evaporation Control

Lack of moisture can lead the concrete surface to crack up. In order to ensure prevention of moisture evaporation from the surface, use evaporation control superior finish on the concrete area.

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